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I love you – those words escaped yesterday
liberated I repeat them again
in loving you  I hope I am selfless
returning you intact before midday
without delay nor excuse entertain
Desiring only your happiness.
And already I’ve sped up the process
that always leads to the end and to pain –
there is no echo; for what can you say
we knew what this can only ever be.
Suffering all the anguish of Psyche
While Eros wanders on a different plane
having set his arrows to wreak mischief.
Tempting though to play the game of what if
I would my compass and composure feign.

just like that

Why hello, something a little cheeky –
he might be out of reach for the summer
but he’d very much still like to see me
some time in autumn, perhaps October.
But of course, I reply, since the new term
seems quite a long way away and who knew
what or who might happen in the meantime.
And just like that he’s got back in the queue
of suitable suitors of my choosing –
the kind of beau who’d let me name my date
satisfied that they will not be waiting
for too long before I their passions sate
As we consenting adults make merry
with one another without jealousy.