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Two dates

Johnny on Thursday morning

He had introduced himself as Kevin Joseph but in telling me about bumping into an old student of his he must’ve forgotten that and revealed his real name which she had used when she called out to him – Johnny! How lovely to see you again!  I didn’t mind that he didn’t want me to know his real name.

We’d arranged to meet up one morning after a few days of texting each other.  I got to the cafe a lot later than we’d arranged due to the fine weather and dearth of parking spaces. He recognised me and got up to introduce himself. He was a small man, quite warm and friendly. He immediately offered to get me a drink and I settled at the table as I waited for him to return.  From our previous text conversations I knew that he was a musician with a strong nurturing side to him.  He said that I looked exactly how he expected and he really liked what he saw, which served to put me at my ease.

We talked about our dating experiences and he emphasised his need for close female company especially since his wife’s mental breakdown/neurosis.  When we’d finished our drinks we went to the old kitchen garden and sat on a bench in the sun. Very soon he leant over and kissed me.  His hands got bolder and as the place was fairly deserted he got even more adventurous.  The question of where we might continue was raised – our residences were not appropriate due to the presence of our children.  In the end I suggested we went to my car which had tinted rear windows.

It was about midday when we got into the car which was parked on The Bishop’s Avenue.  It was a very warm afternoon and he was sweating profusely throughout. Unusually, this did not put me off at all and the box of tissues in the glove compartment proved really handy.  We removed our shorts and pants and after I had fellated him to the point that he was close to climaxing, produced a condom which he slipped on.  I then climbed on top of him as he scooched down into the seat and I rode him until we both came.  After that he continued touching me with his fingers, whilst kissing me and fondling my breasts.  At one point he said he wanted to taste my come.  So it was my turn to slide down the seat and lift my fanny up to him.  He said that he enjoyed the taste of me and was pleased that I wore no perfume – which I hadn’t that day conscious that I was to do a spot of beekeeping with a friend after this.  Bees can react to artificial scent and become dangerously bad-tempered.

We stayed chatting for another half an hour or so and agreed that we might make this a regular Thursday morning thing.   So far I haven’t heard from Johnny but if he did contact me again I would probably enjoy another session with him.


Dexter in the evening

In the afternoon I got a very apologetic text from Dexter for missing our date on Monday evening. I told him that I was free later.  I didn’t mention that it was because Goran had blown me off for a second time.  So we met at a rather seedy looking pub which he’d not been in in the last five years and hadn’t realised had gone downhill since.  We left immediately and went to another.  Later, after chatting over a few pints of some golden craft beer and sharing some pub fare he invited me to his place to listen to his music collection.  Which I took to be code for something raunchier.

It was a very odd experience, sex with Dexter.  Not because he was obsessive about the issue of safety, although it led to my first encounter with the dental dam, but that he would make soft whiny sounds which I found really quite disturbing.  When he kissed me, sitting on the sofa in his living room, he also made these smacking noises – as though he was eating loudly instead of kissing.  The whole encounter was not pleasurable at all and I was relieved when he put on a condom and climaxed. After a decent period of time had passed, perhaps 10 minutes, I made my excuses and left. It was only half past nine but I was glad  to be away in my car.

Dexter was actually quite a good looking man with impeccable manners – he was tall, fit with some nice looking muscles on his arms and torso.  His face had that square jawed handsomeness and his grey hair was close cropped at the sides.  I had initially been drawn to his conventionally attractive physique but the chemistry between us was elusive – I should have stopped when he started making that loud chomping noise as he was kissing me.   But he was intent on trying to pleasure me, at first with his fingers in a condom, because he’d cut himself over the weekend and then later with his mouth, shielded with a sheet of dental dam which was opaque and obscured the view of what he was doing and eventually he gave up as he thought I looked bored.

I was not sure how I was going to let Dexter know that there wouldn’t be a repeat of that disastrous non-event.  He had already sent me a rather enthusiastic text the next morning raving about how great the previous night had been.