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Waterloo Hotel – or how to get over a break-up

The Cook, The Thief, The Wife and Lover – he said referencing incorrectly a Peter Greenaway film.  I tell him that he’d got the order wrong and that it all ends badly.

Tongue in cheek he shot back that he intentionally misquoted the title of the film to see who might respond.  we banter about films and flirt over the message boards of the dating website.  he then boldly suggested that we ought to meet up and if our stars aligned he might make me an indecent proposal.  i playfully asked him how much was at stake.  two hours later i was driving into town.  parking was a tad tricky despite it being the weekend.

It was a busy sunday afternoon at the royal festival hall.  i walked past him as he had glasses on unlike his picture on the dating site.  he called out my name and i laughed my hello.

i look geeky in my glasses don’t i? – he gave an endearingly self-conscious wave with his hand tapping his fingers on the frame.

geek is the new black and i tend to have a thing for nerdy men – i replied, wanting to put him at ease but also sincerely.

there’s a fine line between geeky and nerdy – he smiled ruefully.

i usually like both – i countered.

it was a promising start and we went inside and found a table just as it was being vacated.  he got me a tea and some cake and a coffee for himself.  we carried on talking about our experiences with the dating website.  he had a warm bedside manner i found, as he told me that he was working in the A & E department of the local hospital.  after half an hour or so of pleasant conversation he announced that he’d booked a room in waterloo hotel so that we might have more privacy there.

i told him that it was too sudden and i felt the need for some dutch courage, so we stopped at a pub en route.  he had a rum and coke whilst i had a glass of red wine.  2 more glasses of red later and i began to feel that i just might like to see what he was like in bed.  i explained that i’d never made an assignation such as this before but that i was very much looking forward to it.

it had got quite dark when we left the pub and he took my hand as we walked to the hotel.  when we got into the lift he leaned over and kissed me.  his lips were warm and soft and just as the doors pinged open he darted the hard tip of his tongue between my lips and withdrew it quickly.  it was a startling experience and i realised that i’d had my eyes closed mid-kiss when my lids sprang open at this quick jab.  he was already out of the lift and i followed him rather foolishly into the corridor.  he opened the door to a room and i was surprised at how small it was.

as the door closed to he moved to the window and drew the curtains.  i kicked off my shoes and watched as he began to undress himself.  i removed my coat and jacket but was suddenly paralysed with embarrassment.  what am i doing here?  do i really want this?  these questions ran all over my brain and i suddenly wasn’t sure.  but a large part of me was very curious about the experience and i knew that really i wanted to see it to the end – an uncomplicated coupling with no expectation of a relationship and no regrets.

when he was down to his vest and shorts he came over and asked me if i would like a cup of tea.  i laughed and shook my head.  he sat me down on the bed and held the sides of my head in his hands and kissed me again.  this time his tongue softly explored the inside of my mouth which i found incredibly arousing.  he pushed me into the middle of the bed and slid his hands under my top.  he bent over and took my right nipple into his mouth, lightly flicking his tongue around it and then he turned his attention to my left breast and sucked on my left nipple.  eventually he pulled my top off over my head and ran his lips and tongue over my belly, my wrinkled, wobbly middle-aged saggy belly and further down between my legs.  he slipped my knickers off and licked me with his pointy hard tongue.  mm you’re very wet and slippery – he looked up at me and i thought how dark his grey eyes were in his pale white face with very short greying hair, a salt and pepper hue.  i stroked his head and marvelled at the softness of his hair which looked as though it should be hard and bristly.  what was hard was the tip of his tongue as he flicked and jabbed it at that part of me which wanted to feel softness, the softness that i knew it was capable of turning into as it had done when he had plunged it relaxed and warm in my mouth earlier.

he got onto his knees on the floor and pulled me to the edge of the bed and continued to pleasure me, hard and then soft in turn until i felt i could not take anymore.  i wondered at my boldness when i asked him to insert two fingers inside me.  as i gripped them i came over and over in waves.  when i had stopped, he withdrew his fingers and i watched him lick them with sensuous deliberation.  he knelt over me and slid his cock out over the tops of his shorts.  it was very hard but not overly big – i reached into my handbag and took out a condom.  it was better to be safe as we did not know each other very well.

when we had had our fill of lust that afternoon we both dozed off in exhaustion.  i had a quick wash and got ready to leave my replete lover.  he made me promise to text him when i got home.  i did and that was the end of it – neither of us has contacted the other since.