What more fitting time to end this dating blog than the approach to the close of the year.  I’d made the decision to stop meeting anyone new from the dating websites a number of months ago – the last new date from such a site was a man I no longer had any strong feelings for.  We’d met, after the typical stage of email/messaging flirtation, kissed and more, and then moved apart.

I’ve realised that I’m unable to sustain a wholly exclusive monogamous relationship.  The online formula provided a plethora of choice but some of the men had not been interested in getting to know me or those who were, weren’t the ones I really wanted to see again, and so inevitably, we drifted our separate ways. The problem with online dating is the speed at which intimacy grows.  After a year and a half of riding this rollercoaster I am ready to get off and proceed at a more sedate pace.   The fellow revellers I’ve met from the theme park of dating are the few who, like me, consider the popular paradigm of exclusivity flawed, and so, for now we’re content to remain friends.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. Does this mean you are ending the blog? If so, I will miss it and you. I was not sure. I want you to know I thought it was an intriguing read, and I will miss you.


  2. Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you found it as it has led me to yours which I still read in between not dating much 😉 I suppose I’m less racked with uncertainty about my romantic life and whilst there is no one person with whom I’d like to sail off into the sunset, I’ve steadied the bark and will focus my efforts on writing.


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