who was i kidding?

enough?  pff

Liam sent me a message from Helsinki last week and I’m wildly jealous of his good fortune.  I’d always wanted to go there.  So this morning I asked him when he was back and he said he was just getting on the flight as we text.

The tart who is named Amy suggests a meet up one day next week for drinks and catch up.  The slut that is Liam’s middle name replied in the affirmative.  And I suppose his flight must be delayed or waiting in a queue on the tarmac to take off because about ten minutes later he sent me another message – Can I just check what kind of meeting this will be?

I hope I won’t be judged but the good girl in me fought with Amy and wrote – I don’t know.  I can just visualise Amy rolling her eyes heavenward as she snatches control back and sends Liam this – of course a drink and then see how we feel kind of meeting … with no pressure to do anything neither of us feels inappropriate.  The good girl only just managed to restrain Amy from sending a compromising emoji.

I had to take the dog out for a three hour ramble to clear my head.  It was a mild day for November.  I wondered what it was about Liam that attracted me – JR I’d cancelled on and I’d put Lars and R off last week.  I hadn’t heard from Liam in aeons and had told him that I was trimming the polyamory fat for a bit.  He would check in on me every month or so with a little flirty message.  We’d swap news and banter and then that would be enough for me.  Perhaps it really was the fact that I wanted to hear from him first hand what he thought of Finland.  I’m planning a trip with a few girlfriends next spring so yes, it’s the curious cat in me rather than pussy galore, although my nine lives have not all been squandered yet … so who knows what might happen next week.

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