parts of the ideal man

How are the bees? 

When we first met Jan had flirted with the idea of beekeeping.  A year on and he has a solitary bee box but no honey bees.  He has been over to see operations at my apiary and not been completely put off yet although he confided that the idea of responsible swarm management made the whole venture seem a trifle overwhelming.   So occasionally he starts off communications by firing an inquiry as to the well-being of my livestock.  This is usually followed by an invitation to a meal or a drink.  Last night we finished planning the last leg of our Icelandic holiday over cheese and chilled prosecco.

I had brought my dog round with me, who having satisfied his curiosity by exploring every inch of Jan’s house and garden, lay down between us in contentment.  He is over ten and for a large dog in his dotage.  Still, he was a vigilant enough chaperone and I left Jan’s with my virtue intact.  He waved us goodbye and promised to get in touch midweek.   It was a half an hour’s drive back home because at eleven o’clock on a Monday evening the roads were fairly clear.   We exchanged a few good night text messages and confirmed our next date.  I fell asleep warming once again to Jan who seems attuned to my present emotional state.

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