Idyllic weekends

More goodbye messaging – this time with Joe and Johnny. At the same time as doing that and chatting with Max, I was arranging a date with a new man from the old dating website. Max called me in the evening and we had fun engaging in badinage. We arranged to meet on Monday evening and he tells me that he has joined Tinder. He didn’t think if would be as fun as the other website because it is based on appearances and geographical proximity. I told him that I was relieved I’d finished my book and that I could stop meeting unsuitable dates.

I don’t know why I had thought that I needed to see all those men as though my book was the reason. I suspect the reason was so that I could protect myself from falling in love with Max. Now that we’re only friends I can stop looking for dating cover.  Still I have enjoyed my dating adventures.

Told Joe that I felt jaded with all the misbehaving and I did not reply to his last message, nor Tristan’s, nor Kevin’s. Goran came round on Friday evening and we spent over an hour shopping for and preparing salad nicoise – it was one of those really warm days again and spaghetti carbonara seemed a bit too heavy. We took the dog out for a walk at dusk and when we were on the golf course kissing led to some al fresco sex. It was his first time, he tells me in the morning. Later we lay on our backs side by side and stared up into the night sky – we could see the big dipper and a bright shiny light which we had initially thought was the Evening Star but it moved very slowly out of view and we wondered if it could have been the International Space Station. There were also several other fast moving aircraft with their blinking lights going at quite a pace. Walking back we came a cross two fox cubs playing in a side road. Good thing the dog was on the lead as they were just as startled to see us and we all froze for a second before the dog started whining and strained on the lead.

When we came back Goran helped me move my swarm of bees, now in their box into the apiary. We then had some cognac – again his first time before retiring upstairs. He must find me a turn on because we had sex several times in the night and twice in the morning – one of the advantages of sleeping with someone eight years my junior.

We do have quite a lot of fun; apart from him and Lars and possibly occasionally Jan, there’s no one else for now. I wonder from time to time if I might succumb to moments of weakness and resume sleeping with Max again. But I should wait at least three months and see how badly I want him then. Hopefully I’ll have found someone else to be besotted with who might be better for me.  The new man asked me if I’d prefer a Friday or Saturday date and I picked Saturday.  He seems fun, in his profile  he says he’s fun.  We shall see then just how fun this man is.

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