I have always liked Asian ladies

oh boy, what kind of man thinks saying that is going to get him an entry pass?  Is this what Ellie is reduced to on a Sunday evening?

I just want to get to know u.  So I asked him – What would you like to know and why do you like Asian women and how many have you met?  He didn’t give an answer to the last question but he claimed that we are all pretty and asked me if I was flattered that he was taking an interest in me!!

just wondering if you’re a bit squiffy as my profile picture is sooo unappealing – was my comeback as I’d posted a particularly sulky one of me.  He asked again – Are you interested in get to know me?  I didn’t respond and then he added – I am interested in  you.

You mean the other 999 Asian ladies have not replied to your messages?
I was clearly bored and it would have been kinder picking the wings off fallen angels.  We had a lucky escape!

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