Life after sex

I was having a busy week saying no to new people and goodbye to some old dates.  Normally Max and I would exchange notes but since our break-up some time back there had been no texting or emailing never mind late night chats.  After a week I felt slightly better getting back in touch with him and we resumed some email back and forth:

Dear Max

It’s only been a week since we agreed to quit sleeping with each other but feels like more.  Stella’s had awkward sex twice in the interim and just as we predicted, her dates with Marc did not end well.  I miss our chats and wonder how your dating is going.

Amy x

Hi Amy

I’ve been intending to email you hello. Stella really is struggling and I don’t think she’s even exaggerating much, though she is worrying an awful lot and ruining it by her anxiety and did go to bed with someone she doesn’t seem to share a great deal in common with. No dating from me, though I can’t keep away from trying. 

Incidentally I found out this week that at work we have a piece of equipment for feeling what the prostate is like.  I’ve not tried or seen it.

Not sure where we go from here but it’s good to be in touch. How is your dating?

M x

Hi Max

Sorry to hear you’re not doing any dating although it’s good that you’re still trying.  I have been saying goodbye to a few more people – Henry, Bill, and Jules – my dating experiment now over, book – novella length practically finished.  I’m closer to finding out what it is I want from my dates I think.  

Where we go from here – staying friends has always been something I’ve felt we could do.  Is this something you’d like?  what would you like?

Amy x

Hi Amy

That’s a lot of goodbyes. Congratulations on nearly finishing the book and dating experiment. What do you reckon you want from dates, what’s your tentative conclusion…?

Lets meet up and  see what happens, where it leads us…I never know what happens after sex….

Nothing much happening here, getting my bike fixed, getting ready for a presentation at an important event and enjoying results of a cooking spree on Sunday 🙂

M x

Hi Max

Good luck with the event and presentation – what is it?

Book is really finished now! I’m quite pleased with it – around 45,500 words!  You feature quite a bit in it … although I don’t think anyone can make the connection.  Had to come home early to catch a swarm.  Fingers crossed they’ve all gone in the box.  Putting the finishing touches to book meant I missed dusk when I meant to go down to check on them.  It’ll have to be tomorrow.

My conclusion is that sex is easy, love is trickier and I am obsessed with endings.  Ellie made a date with someone last Saturday, met them on Sunday evening and now regrets agreeing to a second date.  Aargh!

Yes let’s meet up – what should we do – forage? walk dog? tea and cake? shim sham? film? a board game? 

I’m going on holiday from mid Aug to middish Sep and also having another reunion at the end of August with some of my old schoolmates, this time we’re spending a long weekend on an island resort!

Amy x

There was a silence after that – he was busy with his presentation and event? he didn’t want to be too spontaneous with the emailing? perhaps there isn’t the incentive to email someone you know you’re not going to have sex with anymore.  I suspect the last reason is the more accurate take.

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