Do men like it when women play hard to get?  I asked one of my lovers this question and he pondered it briefly before suggesting that by withholding our favours our value would definitely go up in his estimation.  He used the common potato as an analogy – by reason of its proliferation it is relatively cheap especially when compared to seasonal greens, for example the asparagus.  

But there are men who are quite partial to mash, I countered.  That is true, he conceded but having wolfed down the dish, they are sated and do not give anymore thought to it.  

And no more do they a fennel or artichoke I argued – there’s a flaw in his analogy I feel.

All the same I am now slightly perturbed at the thought that I may be thought of as a spud.  I am not a spud, I declared to another one of my lovers.  No, my dear, you’re a pearl, a jewel to me – was his quick response, giving me a quizzical look.  Later he told me that he was not able to see me at the weekend because his wife needed him for domestic duties although he suspected that she was jealous of the fun he seemed to be having with me since her own dating adventures were not going as smoothly as she would have liked.  This was her way of satisfying her ego, by commanding him back to her side.  I demonstrated my precious brilliance by reacting to the let down with equanimity.

He explained that over the school half term break at the end of the month he would be on his own once more as she had booked to go away with their son – and he hoped to make up the disappointment over this weekend by spending those ten days with me.   In fact I was slightly alarmed at the thought of such a lengthy and daily contact with him and hinted that I might need some time in between to recover from the ardour of his attentions.  Not to mention (which I didn’t of course) the fact that I might like to see some of the others in my shag portfolio.

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