Some men deserve a second chance

Goran: Hi Amy, I hate to do this, but need to cancel this afternoon. I’m really sorry.

Me: Something came up?

Goran: Domestic issues

Me: No worries

Goran: I feel really bad.

Me: It happens. You’ll make it up I’m sure.

We go on to chat about this and that and make a lunch date in the middle of the week. When we met up we found that we got on really well, he worked in a post-graduate facility as a lab technician and was married with a young son. He was in an open marriage where his wife was in the middle of a torrid break up with one of her current lovers and he was looking around for a new relationship as the last one had decided she wanted a more exclusive arrangement which he was not prepared for. Almost immediately after that first meeting, we went into the Easter holidays which meant that he was abroad with his son for about a couple of weeks. When he returned we made another date, this time for an evening drinks which promised to lead to more. And then this happened:

Goran: Hi, bad news again I’m afraid, I’m needed at home tonight.

Me: No worries.

Goran: Tomorrow? or Saturday?

Me: Sorry I’m booked up the rest of the week.

Goran: You’re very active! Single men without kids tend to be more flexible, I suppose.

Me: Some of them with kids arrange childcare.

Goran: Sorry.

I really thought that was the end of it but then he sent me another entreaty:

Goran: I know I’ve been testing your patience and I’m sorry for that. Would you be willing to give it one more go? Some time next week?

Me: Depends.

Goran: On?

Me: Availability – Tuesday evening, next week?

Goran: I’ll book a room at a charming little boutique hotel I know – the Fox and Anchor.

Me: Sweet. See you there around 6?

Goran: Looking forward to it xx.

There was a chance the date might not happen, I told myself – given how many times he’d cancelled at the last minute. But at 5.30pm on that day he sent me the following text message – I’m early, eagerly awaiting your arrival x.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get it until I’d decided to stop off at a pub en route as I’d arrived ten minutes before 6 and had not wanted to appear too eager. It was only at 6 when I looked at my phone that I saw his text. When I got to the Fox and Anchor he was sitting at the back of the pub and offered to get me a drink. Having downed a pint earlier, I didn’t feel thirsty anymore and declined his offer, not expecting that he would take that as his cue to whisk me upstairs straightaway to the room. I thought he might have suggested going out for a walk or dinner. But the room was at the top of about five flights of stairs and I almost collapsed on the bed when we got there.

When I’d caught my breath he leaned over and kissed me and of course things got more urgent and after establishing that we both wanted the same things, we got into bed. Any previous reservations I’d had about shortcomings on his part were unfounded as I felt his hard on under his pants – he was pleasingly well hung and curved. Whilst Lars was curved inward, Goran’s curved outward and was just a tad longer, incredibly and satisfyingly so.

It was still light when we had both climaxed and we decided to take a little walk around the neighbourhood – as he had been on a walking tour there the previous week he was able to tell me some of the history of the area. We got to the ancient church which had been featured in the film Four Weddings and a Funeral and was allowed a quick tour inside by the rector who was hosting a quiz night for his parishioners that evening. We decided not to join them despite their warmth and friendliness and Goran took me to the square where he worked. It was another ancient part of the city and I marvelled at how picturesque the whole place was.

Tour complete, it was time for dinner and we went back to the hotel. We were eventually seated in a private booth at the back of the dining room where we misbehaved in between courses. While we chatted I found out that Goran was about eight years younger than me – he had been such a charming, courteous, and well-informed gentleman throughout our liaison that I’d assumed we were the same age or that he might have been a few years older than me. It was largely due to the proper tones of our conversation, its un-smuttiness that had led me to that misconception. Still, I wasn’t complaining as after finishing the Valpolicella with a small cheese board, we returned upstairs for the second round, which turned into the 3rd, 4th and 5th, by which time it was too late for me to catch any trains back. Having a younger lover certainly has its plus points.

Goran, who had cycled there earlier decided not to go home and stayed the night to keep me company. In the middle of the night and early hours of the morning we continued with more romps and after a satisfying hot shower, we kissed our goodbyes, both replete. I was particularly pleased that I had given him a second chance and look forward to the next occasion.

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