Clean bills of health and dating again

Max and I got the text messages from the clap clinic at the end of yesterday afternoon clearing us of STIs – time to crack open that bottle.  We celebrate by making a date at a polyamorous meet up at a venue in town.

Meanwhile Amy continues with her dating spree.  The Dutchman came over to London to meet Amy and took her out for a drink and dinner.  His marriage has lost its passion he says and the last time he and his wife had sex was over a decade ago – they stay together for the kids as otherwise it is too costly to split up.  They have a sweet house and set up as a family with two kids, a girl and a boy, one at uni and the other on his way there.  The town they live in is tiny and everyone knows everyone.  If it weren’t for his work paying for him to travel around the world his sex life would have been unbearable.  As it is he has a lady friend (or two) in nearly every city he’s been to in the last five years.  The Spanish señora who had previously been servicing him in London has sold up and returned to Galicia where she’s from originally – which was why he made overtures to Amy.

The cycle of randiness has come round and Amy’s little diary is getting booked up again – when Alex asked to make a date with her, she could only accommodate him the following week, next week being filled with a combination of new and old friends, what one of her beaus likes to refer to as building a dating pipeline and updating his shag portfolio with new playmates.

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