A Guest Post – written by Max

A date with STI

Doing something dangerous on a date, perhaps crossing a swaying rope bridge 100m over a gully, is an aphrodisiac.  So my plan to be tested with Amy for STIs at a clap clinic – what could be more scary – I hoped to be a bonding experience leading to good sex. And after all, I’d sodomised her, as we like to call it, and needed something even more taboo. But heading for the clinic at 10.30am, Amy said she felt dirty and she didn’t sound as if she meant turned on. I was beginning to wonder if I’d miscalculated.

What would we say to each other if the results came back positive for one of us? What recriminations would follow? Yes, reader, we talked about this, considering the permutations, but it was too miserable a path and we turned back.

After being asked about intravenous drug use and when I last had sex, we met up back in the waiting room sobered, a little relieved and maybe lightheaded and headed over nearby Hampstead Heath with our picnic.

We tried to identify trees. According to Amy, two with just burst leaves were horse chestnuts, and I teased her about that. We settled on a high spot surrounded by trees with limbs like outstretched fingers, the ground a bed of dry leaves and dotted with beech nuts ravished by the squirrels months before. Just as we spread our spread it rained and we endured a typical British picnic on what was billed as the warmest day of the year, before the sun came out again.

Amy was as usual wearing lovely clothes, this time a colourful floral patchwork skirt and a white top with embroidered flowers. She also flashed me her French knickers and asked if I liked them. I responded by touching the top of her thighs, under her skirt, knowing it forces her into a sharp intake of breath. I love hearing her excitement.  Food over, we cuddled up in our usual position, me spooning Amy – she prefers having her back to me! After a slow start my hands wandered more freely despite visits by dogs, their walkers and children. Amy surprised me by pulling open my trousers so I quickly pulled up her skirt at the arse leaving her legs and front decorously covered. A bit of spit for lubrication and some pushing against her pubic hairs and I was inside her and we moved against each other enjoying the thrill of being in the open air and with people around, the possibility of being caught.  Amy squeezed her legs together, the thing that turns her on most, and came.

With Amy’s car parking ticket valid for only 4 hours and my reputation for timekeeping to maintain, we had to leave but Amy’s need for a toilet took us back to my flat. My hopes to see her crouched pissing in the open will have to wait for another day and somewhere quieter than the heath but I mentioned it to seed the idea. I had the consolation of a more extended workout including attempted deep-throating and the freedom to spank her arse hard.  Plus the cuddles and stroking that I like, when I took the risk of reminding Amy that I want more of, which she obliged me with.

This was my second date involving STI testing and both ended well. We’ll find out in 8 days if the results involve recriminations or we have the character to behave well to each other but for today I am satisfied.

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