Two dates in one day

This is not a first – I’d met one for the first time before who proved unsuitable – and arranged to meet another (Plan B with Lars) that same evening because the first date with him had proved exciting and fulfilling.  This happened two weeks ago when the one who got the 2nd date with Amy had shown me how positively different bedding a non-British man might be.  So I’d had high hopes when I agreed to meet Dilip – he was tall, dark and handsome, hailing from a dark continent.  Having arranged the date though he kept texting and attempting to call me – all of which I found just a little too tiresome and intrusive.  Even before we’d met he was also attempting to arrange 2nd and 3rd dates.  When we did meet up I found him verbose and a little over-energetic.  The final straw was the discovery that not only was he living with his mother but that he’d not had the foresight to make any arrangements or thought of how he planned to have the coitus he’d been promising we’d have.  He kept referring to spontaneity as the spice of life.  Now I’m all for a little, even a lot of spontaneous sex, however al fresco intercourse when the temperature outdoors is in the low single digits, coupled with a high windchill factor is not the best way to woo any girl unless they were a northern lassie perhaps.  So the promises came to nought as we seemed to be walking endlessly in search of suitable places to have our tryst – the clocks having gone forward did not help matters either.

So that evening with Dilip is better remembered for my hasty goodbye post-date and haring off northwards into the warm embrace of Lars who had music and chilled wine in a room which exuded a sexy atmosphere essentially through central heating and a modular sofa that configured into a giant size bed in the middle of his living area.  He was a charming host who entertained and allowed himself to be teased and remained satisfyingly priapic throughout the evening.  Undaunted, I continue to make dates with some of the men who introduce themselves and appear attractive except that now I check that they are able to host a tryst whether at home or at some other suitably warm venue.

So today I met one in the West End for a chaste afternoon tea at the National Gallery – my first date with Dexter.  We wandered amongst the nudes in oils on canvas and I thought him quite tall (6 foot) with a commanding presence and also very cute in a chiselled face, youthful with silver streaks and geeky glasses kind of way.  He suggested returning to his but I’d already promised Max earlier this morning that I’d see him tonight, so politely declined Dexter’s invitation.  We kissed goodbye and on the basis of that warm, soft and sensuous lingering of lips on lips I agreed to see him again next week.  Who knows what might be but Amy G will have to do some serious juggling if she were to continue to see all these men who have shown her a fabulous first and second date.

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