Max and his clocks

I was invited to a game of tennis last Friday afternoon by Max near his neck of the woods. He is lovely to tease because he had warned me that he didn’t take too kindly to tardiness. I don’t usually deliberately turn up late but I tease him that I’d probably be an hour later than our prearranged date at 2. In any event I turned up only about 5 minutes late and was treated to a 30 minute cuddle.

As we got into bed he set the alarm to go off at 3!!  This is not something I’m at all familiar with but Max assures me that it ensures the efficient use of time. So mid cuddle we obediently got out of bed when the alarm rang. At tennis I was woefully thrashed. We returned and M said that we had an hour for sex if we wanted to have a quick pre theatre nosh before leaving for the tube journey into town.

I was most impressed this time as just as he announced he was climaxing the alarm went off.  We both  laughed at this and I think he had mixed feelings about this timely orgasm as it left no time to linger or for down time as we had to get dinner ready and eat in 20 minutes. Still we made it to the theatre with time to spare.

After the show he took me for a walk on the Jubilee bridges across the Thames.  It was a clear night and there was a busker in the middle serenading the pedestrians.  If he hadn’t been so definite that he had no intention of falling in love with me I might have thought he was attempting to set up a conducive scenario for courtship of the old fashioned kind. We had a companionable walk hand in hand through central London stopping to get some spring rolls before catching the tube back to his.

I hadn’t intended to stay the night but I was exhausted after tennis and we fell asleep after another romp when our scrabble game ended. I left M still curled up and toasty under the duvet and drove home along quiet streets. The Easter weekend had begun.

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