Last Sunday with Dominic

When I saw him sitting near the entrance to the bar my heartbeat quickened.  He really is here in the flesh and bore a good resemblance to the pictures he had sent me.  We’d text chatted prior to this rendezvous and swapped photos – all of which were tastefully decorous – in contrast to the frank discussion on the varieties of deviant sex we both enjoyed.  When he suggested flying out from Europe to meet me one weekend for an evening out and possibly more, I readily agreed – his spontaneity was infectious.

I was not to be disappointed – I’d had two glasses of wine and he, even more, as he’d started a little earlier before me, by the time he boldly sneaked his hand under my skirt.  I’d deliberately chosen an above the knee little number and we’d moved to a private booth behind the bar area.  When he felt the fabric of my knickers his disappointment was plain.  In our earlier messages he’d made it clear how he was looking forward to me arriving sans knickers.  I urged him to venture even further, going as far as to lift my legs and spreading them over the low table, stretching my right leg out and resting my boot on the red velvet seat, my left knee wedged against his thigh so that his hand could explore between my legs and discover that in fact I was wearing my very special knickers, ones I reserved for those men I deemed worthy, who I was confident would appreciate their appeal – a pair of crotchless panties.

Aah I see, this I like.  You really surprise me and this is even betterI think we’re going to have a lot of fun.

So of course dinner was postponed and we proceeded straightaway to his hotel room.  It overlooked the back and across the space there were other rooms with windows facing us.  We left the blinds and curtains open in case any other hotel guests fancied watching us.  He sat down on a wingback armchair in the corner of the room and I leaned over to kiss him.  His hands were all over my body and when I felt him slide my skirt up and slip between my legs, I climbed up on top of his thighs, placing my knees either side of him.

How wet you are!  But he was to make me even wetter as I rubbed and writhed over his expert fingers, which stroked and entered and stroked.

Later I slid down and unzipped his trousers – his hard on was straining to be taken out and I slid it easily out of his pants.  Whilst I really enjoy giving head, I was also longing to fuck him through my crotchless knickers and it wasn’t long before the condoms came out and on, when I crouched over him and impaled myself on his gorgeous shaft. As I rode up and down it, he nuzzled at my cleavage, hands kneading my breasts.  One popped out and he took first one nipple into his mouth and then the other.   I was already incredibly aroused and the sensations this brought on sent me into a shivering frenzy – the muscles around my vagina tensed and then released as I came in waves, squeezing his cock over and over again, gasping for breath as I rocked back and forth, now rubbing myself against his body.

Later he lifted me off and flung me onto the bed.  He slipped my knickers off but left the rest of my clothes on, my skirt around my midriff, bra and chemise still intact. Turn around and don’t move he bade and I lay on my tummy.   He came back with a tube of lube and proceeded to apply this liberally on my bottom and in my ass.

You are such a tiny woman and there’s a really tight arse you’ve got there.

I could see him kneeling over me when I turned my head as there was a large mirror on the wall.  His penis was erect and ready as he slid first into my pussy.  I gripped it again and felt the waves of orgasm overcoming me.  The anticipation of his entering me anally was deeply arousing, and he did not disappoint, sliding his finger in and then two – I wriggled a little and told him it felt uncomfortable.  He continued stroking and applying more lube, all the while patiently coaxing me into a state of relaxation.  Even so, when he entered me and slid all the way in, the pain was excruciating and I literally howled with agony.

I do give my lover credit for not being daunted by my reaction as he remained still, just as he was, cock all the way inside my arse.  As I continued screaming and gasping at the sweet pain, he leaned down and whispered in my ear that anytime I really wanted him to stop, if the agony was too much, I merely needed to say the exact words: please, Dominic stop.   But I turned to look in the mirror and the sight of his large body dominating me on the bed was as much a turn on as the pain and said yes I understood, but please don’t stop. Oh it felt horrendously painful and yet I didn’t want him to stop and he didn’t and in a short while he began fucking me thus, moving in and out; slowly at first as I continued to gasp and moan, the pleasure gradually eclipsing the anguish and I began to work up to another orgasm.  As he felt my excitement he began pounding harder, clearly now deeply aroused and enjoying violating this part of me.  I couldn’t take my eyes off us, his pale enormous body dominating mine, the bucking motion as he rode me.

We slept briefly, went downstairs for sustenance before returning to the room for more orthodox sex.  I returned home early the next morning, riding the tube against the rush hour tide.



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