Kisses from N

“bath run, oven on, music playing in the background”

as i parked my car outside my new lover’s house i looked briefly at the screen on my phone and couldn’t help smiling.  this is someone who knew how to seduce a woman.  we’d met last weekend on the heath, at my suggestion, to walk our dogs together and see whether there might be more than a shared interest in taking long, rambling sojourns on the windswept wildness in these drizzly grey winter months.  i told him that i loved going up to parliament hill and taking in the view over the metropolis and he said that it was one of the things he was going to miss when he moved westward.

at the end of our walk we repaired to the pub on downshire hill and sat by the open fire with a bottle of red between us.  slightly tipsy at about 2pm i walked uphill to the bus-stop.  he kissed me a soft goodbye just as my bus was approaching and i waved to him from the window.  that evening he suggested that he would cook me dinner the following night and sent me his address.

it wasn’t difficult to find his mews house on the edge of north london.  he met me at the door with a large glass of a blended red wine, shiraz and merlot.  barry white was playing in the background and there was the delicious aroma of baked pastries or bread.  sure enough there was a small tray with an ensemble of crudités and vol au vent -ish looking canapés.

i wasn’t sure how hungry you were going to be, he ventured a smile as he waved at the table.

umm, when i saw that you’d run a bath, i wondered what else you had in mind besides dinner.

would you like to see the house?

we stopped outside the bathroom – it was magical in candle-light and the bubbles on the surface of the bath twinkled invitingly.

he bent his head and brushed his lips on the nape of my neck.  i shivered in response.

are you feeling cold?

he was not familiar with my responses and i turned round and looked into his eyes.  they were dark, a deep grey in the dim light.

you’ll find that when you do that, it makes me want you to do more.

he kissed me deeply this time and we both abandoned the idea of dinner temporarily.

as he poured oil on my back in the bath, i remembered his dog – where’s tara?

she’s with my sister and her own sister as i’ve got the move to organise tomorrow morning.  she would hate to have to meet strangers removing boxes and furniture from the house.

and i thought we might enjoy this evening on our own and see how we get on.

His hands were rubbing firmly against the small of my back and then travelling up in sweeping strokes along my side and up to my shoulder where he paused and kneaded the flesh there.  he pulled me against his body and as i pressed closer to him, i could feel his hard-on against my back.  earlier i’d had a quick look and seen that he was fairly well-endowed.  after a diet of men with medium to small penises, his looked a little alarming.

i needn’t have worried as he was quite assiduous in ensuring that i only felt pleasure and not pain.  the positions we took up and the shallowness of his penetration at the beginning was a prelude to later ecstasy when i had warmed up sufficiently and was able to take the fullness of his tumescence within me.

our lovemaking lasted a whole two hours which included his licking me and causing me to orgasm as his fingers thrust deeply into me even as his tongue and lips flicked and sucked at me.  it was the first time that i had actually managed a clitoral orgasm without the use of any toys.

it wasn’t merely his technique but his reiteration and appreciation of my body – you’re so, so sexy, your body is beautiful and gorgeous.  i love how wet you get.  i can feel how much you’re enjoying this.

and when i offered to return the favour, he was in turn vocally appreciative of my efforts.  later when we were both utterly spent on the bed, we both fell asleep for a short while.  it was late and i had to leave my lover but he tried to make me take home with me the baked pastries.  ordinarily, i would have given them to tara, but i won’t see her until next weekend – he reasoned.  give them to your removals people – i can’t possibly have them all, it’s far too many.  in the end he gave me a small number and i felt it would have been churlish to carry on refusing.

strangely it made me reluctant to want to continue the liaison.  on the drive home i tried to put my finger on what it was about the evening that was so off-putting.  was it really the awkwardness with the canapés?  the episode was enjoyable and more.  and yet i didn’t feel as if i wanted to see N in a hurry again.  i gave up thinking about it when i got home and after giving my dog the bag of canapes, went upstairs, got ready for bed and fell into a deep and sated sleep.

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