a moment in the shed

i think i have a few in the shed – she led the way down to the end of the garden.

i don’t think i’ve ever ventured into the grounds before – he says tongue firmly in cheek.

be careful as it can be a little slippery here.

inside the aladdin’s cave of the usual bric a brac that can be found together with gardening tools and in her case spare beekeeping equipment as well, she was on a sofa peering into an old ikea wardrobe – the cheap kind with a cotton curtain instead of a door.  she brings out a number of small buckets.

will they do?

he selects 2 and as she turns her back to him again putting the rest back into the wardrobe, he couldn’t help reaching out to stroke the back of her neck, his other hand on her bottom.  she straightens up but does not turn around.  he leans down to kiss the back of her neck softly and slowly.  he could feel her relax and lean into him, an appreciative moan escaping her lips.  his hands come round to the front and tries to undo her trousers.  as his fingers slip into her knickers and touches the moistness between her lips there, she brings her hands round behind her and impatiently undoes his jeans.  he continues kissing her neck knowing that it’s the cause of the frenzy in her as she next tugs at the buttons on the front of his pants, until eventually she slips one hand in.

he gasps when he feels her cool fingers grasp his cock, pull it through the opening in his shorts, and then in one swift movement she bends down and takes it into her mouth.  he laces his fingers in her hair as she wraps her lips around his growing hard on.  the sounds of her licking and sucking him, including the sight of his cock disappearing in and then reappearing outside her mouth kept him hard and he brings his hand down involuntarily, enjoying the sensation of wanking himself as her lips and tongue play with the tip.  when she glances up at him, his eyes were closed concentrating on the moment.

after a while, she gets on the sofa on her knees and bends over the back of it, offering her back to him.  the wetness of her pussy glistens darkly in the dimness of the shed when he parts her butt cheeks.  earlier he had taken some pictures of this in her bedroom upstairs, except that now he keenly wanted to feel the heat of her pussy around his cock.  she cries out her pleasure when he enters that slippery lair.  to her delight he gets into a satisfying rhythm which only serves to intensify that feeling for her – at the edge of coming, not quite.

this is one of the more urgent aspects of their relationship.  they meet up once or twice a week ostensibly to fuck but a tendresse develops in spite of herself.  she hates it and sees it as a weakness which if she is unable to shake off, coaches herself against indulging and tries to put obstacles in the way of it.

it almost succeeds as he finds it frustrating and hugely annoying trying to understand this woman who will not enjoy the thing which is plainly there but will keep on looking ahead for an end to it all.

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