how to scare them off – or a non-starter

Hi. Thanks for the like. Would you like to ‘text chat’?


sorry for the late reply.  for some reason my earlier message to you did not abide by the TnCs!

yes it would be great to text chat for a bit



Makes me feel self concious about what I am writing. Forgot we are being watched, monitored, um. Wonder what you wrote that was so unabiding? Hopefully they know me and what would upset me….

On our % match is at a 0% so I am encouraged that we are even texting! What do they know.

It says ‘Want children preference mismatch. You may not be a good match based on her essential ‘Want children’ preference’.’

I do not have children myself. Though I have had much practice and even trained as a Nursery Nurse years ago. Though I have come to realise there is a very big difference between training and pratice.

Education, we can talk about that…..

I read your profile and am taken by your openness to others and to new experiences. It is good to hear you have had a good response from the site. I admire your attitude around your divorce, your healthy and civil relationship with your ex. I think it is so important for everyone, childern and you and him.

I look forward to texting more.

S 🙂

hi S

i’m sure it was my derisive comments about velociraptors – those urban owners of the velo which caused my message to be forever consigned to the bin.

also, i feel that having had 4 children (just one is apparently considered detrimental enough to the planet) i really will not be having any more. – so is that one of our incompatibilities addressed? 


yes – i teach english to young adults – mainly japanese, korean, chinese, turkish, iranian, polish, spanish, italian, etc.. – i enjoy what i do as it’s relatively stress free – doesn’t pay well but fantastic job satisfaction …

 what i used to do –  a stay at home mum for the next 7, doing all those middle class things such women do – pottery, tennis, pta, gym power spinning, etc.. (cringe).

and about 8 years ago i did a TESOL course and now teach EFL having done a further diploma last year. so that’s my work/career background.

for fun

i love going to the cinema and theatre. i will watch most human drama, crime thrillers and some sci-fi (having teens means i can sit unimpeachably through showings of [insert current pop/teenie feature] and the like without inviting stares or comment)

i read several books and listen to different audiobooks on the go over periods of time – there’s so much to read and listen to and not enough time in the world!

i also spend too much time on line reading and doing useless quizzes.

if none of the above has made you question my desirability as a soulmate* (was there ever a more loaded term!) shall we try and meet up? you can contact me on my mobile. i’ll give you my number if your answer is in the positive 🙂


* the dating site is called soulmates

it ended there.  i heard no more from S.  needless to say – all that information must have frightened the poor man off.  note to self – create an air of mystery and don’t give everything away at once.

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