the bad, bad girl – text chats with D

i’m not really a bad, bad girl – i tell my lover

i didn’t think you were

just as i’m not a bad boy

(although i really am) – he says

‘course you are – i reply

he winks back a smiley at me:  😉

so what would this bad girl like to do later tonight?

I’m hoping you’ll tell me … what are you doing right now?

just had a shower. My thoughts start with walking up behind you and kissing the back of your neck – which i know sends little shocks down your spine. Then lifting up your top i’d kiss you down the middle of your back.

Shall I continue?

Mmm … i’m at a bus stop.  It’s just a little steamy doing this on my phone in public … but yes, please go on

then I will turn you round. kiss you on your lips and brush my lips slowly down your chin, your neck and to your breasts

I’d lie you on the bed. remove your skirt and continue to kiss downwards

Would you like that?

can’t wait! … tell me what you want me to do.

i’d love for you to do that thing with your mouth.  would you?

so you enjoy oral? can you visualise me on my knees in front of you, my feet and legs in high heeled boots stretched out behind me.  i slip my hands down your body to your belt, undoing that,  unzipping your trousers, sliding your cock out, my lips are around you, you getting bigger, sliding in and out between my red, red lips

I would love that.

 i’d feel you about to explode and stop, squeeze my lips on the tip. you’ll turn me round and bend me over a table, feel how wet and ready i am to have you inside me, you can’t wait as you slip on a condom, your other hand feeling my wetness, you put your fingers inside me and feel me squeezing them

fuck … looking forward to this evening

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