sex is …

one Friday night this bold trollop went out on a very pleasant dinner and theatre date with one man and then she went on to the home of another who received her on his sofa in red jim jams.

we kissed and cuddled for a bit and it was past midnight when he suggested that we go to bed.   his bedlinen is now a lovely creamy cotton and as it was so late i wasn’t expecting him to want anything other than go to sleep.  i think it was his pyjamas – they had i’m not having sex with you written all over them.  but he did remove them before getting into bed.  I, rather foolishly had kept my vest and pants on thinking we were just going to sleep, prompting my lover to comment on my being a tad over-dressed for our romantic tryst.

so of course i was mistaken and we did rather have quite an extended session of how’s your father, repeated again in the morning twice, with breakfast and the papers in between.

i woke up several times in the night and had lain there thinking amongst other things, of the few times i’d actually slept through the night in somebody else’s bed since my marriage broke up – there were the 2 stalkers.  in fact, this does not bode well at all judging from my pre-history i remember thinking.  i leaned over to kiss him on his back once, just wanting a little human touch.  later in the morning i took him in my arms under protest.  he seems to think that i deliberately wake him up to keep me company!  i’m sure he’s winding me up again.

we have a little disagreement over what sex is, or rather what giving and receiving pleasure is all about.  he thinks that i am under the erroneous impression that if he doesn’t achieve orgasm it’s not sex, and perhaps i can concede he might have a point there because certainly for me the most sensually gratifying part is at the point of just before actually coming – what he calls the plateau – i can have as many of that and regard the tryst a success, so why not in his case – hmm i’m now in the black.  i think in the end we could agree that what doesn’t give me pleasure certainly doesn’t turn him on no matter how hard he tries.

we make arrangements to see each other next week so things appear to be on an even keel so far.   when i drove home the car drives itself back almost smoothly now that it’s learnt this route in such a short time.

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