the 1st irishman

we’d only been emailing each other since the weekend but because we both liked world cinema we met up last night to watch a film starring ben whishaw amongst others.  It wasn’t difficult to recognise him – he has long hair which he’d tied back and the same delicate frame of body as in the picture he’d sent me.  We kissed on both cheeks and when he spoke i was immediately attracted to his irish accent.

After the film we went and got something to eat at a quiet little indian restaurant in soho.  when it got busy we walked northwards.  it was easy chatting to him and we didn’t have a single awkward moment.  just outside a tube station he leaned over and kissed me.  because he was quite a bit taller than me (10 inches)  i couldn’t comfortably put my arms round his neck and had to encircle his waist.  and it was a lovely kiss.  we didn’t want to leave each other then and considered what to do, where to go from there.

we ended up going to his place where inevitably, sitting on the sofa led to more kissing, heavy petting and the decision to go down to his cavernous bedroom in the basement.  He told me that he had not had sex in 7 years and i imagine not a female visitor to his room in as many.  But then he managed to produce 2 condoms and of course, we made love.  It felt like making love, touching each other’s body, stroking each other.  I was lying down when he knelt next to me intent on the condom.  His rather thick of girth erect penis temptingly close by.  All it took was for me to shift my head closer and I took it into my mouth.  His gasp of pleasure was quite gratifying.  He said – oh fuck! several times.  and then we did fuck.  He made me come a number of times over the next hour or so.   we lay in bed together chatting in between kissing and cuddling.  And then he got quite bold and kneeling over my face, he asked me to suck him off and to lick his balls.  At first I was quite willing to acquiesce but after a while i felt uncomfortable and he slid down and took me in his arms.  We lay together for a long while until i began to feel tired and suddenly longed for my own bed.  I’m not sure if he understood why i needed to go home but i felt that i should.  i then left him and drove home.  it wasn’t until after 4am before i fell asleep.

I keep thinking of his pale body; in the dim lighting it glowed translucent as alabaster.   i long to hold my lover’s fragile frame in my arms once more.

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