the italian


are you a red or white?


would say red

but a nice white, like prosecco di valdobbiadene, I wouldn’t mind at all


ok maybe a merlot or malbec, until thurs,

be still my beating heart! <tongue in cheek>

Him: know me already…:)


i wasn’t sure what i was expecting – his messages implied a certain arrogance – when i met him i realised he wasn’t your typical swaggering male.

the first date at a wine bar on the edge of the city was pleasant and enjoyable.  we chatted over a bottle of red and some antipasti – olives, brushcetta, grilled veg.  his sexy italian accent was a bit of a turn on. we walked along the north of the thames and looked out towards south of the river.  at cleopatra’s needle he kissed me.  i thought he tasted of artichokes which he’d said were his favourite.  slow soft kisses grew passionate as we explored each other’s bodies.  i could feel his hard on beneath.  he reached into the top of my dress and caressed my left breast.  when his hand drifted down, i stopped him and we made a date for monday night.


Last night i drove in anticipation to my italian lover’s.  it was a smooth journey and at my lover’s suggestion i found a parking spot just outside his flat.  he came out to meet me.  he offered me some wine but i was quite nervous and asked for a glass of water instead.  I went to the bathroom and as i came out i said, alright let’s have that wine then.  he opened and poured us a refreshingly chilled prosecco mascchio.  it was easy to talk to him and he eventually drained the last drops into our glasses. as we both finished our wine he invited me to his bedroom.  in the bedroom my lover was wonderfully attentive. we undressed each other very slowly though i wasn’t completely undressed while we touched and enjoyed each other’s bodies.  So although he removed my knickers, my skirt was still around my waist and my bra and chemise were only pulled down to reveal my breasts.  he was greatly aroused as i moved my hands over his tumescent hard on and when i tried to remove his belt he helped by taking off his trousers, and eventually his pants.  i took the opportunity to remove the rest of my clothes and we continued kissing and pleasuring each other. as he reached for the condom, i went down on him.  his very vocal enjoyment of this was truly gratifying and i warmed to his pleasure.  he was just the right size to fit all the way into the back of my throat not to cause the gag reflex so i imagine he must’ve enjoyed my deep throating him, swallowing the tip of his circumcised penis, tongue swirling round the base of his shaft, fingers fondling his balls, my thumb rubbing the area just under there.  it was enormously enjoyable listening to the gasps of pleasure as i continued sucking, licking and stroking this erogenous part of him.

i think i must’ve been his first multiple orgasmer because when i told him mid congress that i was going to come he also sought to climax with me.  i still wanted more and we had a little pause.  i licked him clean of come and wondered at the non-rubbery taste of his penis.  i forgot to ask him later what brand of condom he’d put on.  As he became hard again, he mounted me from behind.  he held onto my bottom as he thrust deliciously into me.  we got very hot and sweaty as i came over and over again.  he marvelled at my wetness and as his fingers entered me and rubbed my clitoris i moved my hips and came in waves while being deliciously digitally fucked.

he stroked my back and caressing the hollow at the base said he liked that part of my body.  later i alluded to this and suggested that he could come in there.  he misunderstood and thought i’d invited him to engage in anal sex which he eagerly began preparations for.  as he poured oil on my bottom i realised what he meant to do and we had a short awkward moment when we acknowledged our misunderstanding.  in the end whilst i lay on my front he entered me at the orthodox entrance, sliding in and out, causing me to tense and relax my vaginal muscles in sensuous enjoyment, he came again that evening, this time outside me.   he apologised as he pulled out, then dismounted, lay on his back, hand shafting his cock briefly until he shot his cum all over himself.

in all i think my lover must have enjoyed the experience as i was invited back this sunday evening for a repeat of last night’s romp.  writing about this sexual adventure has been a truly arousing exercise.  perhaps i’ll share this piece of erotica with my lover.

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